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Reasons for Seeking Therapy

Couples often come into therapy because their relationship has ceased to be a source of positive feelings. They may be in open conflict, or they may be withdrawn from each other and barely speaking. For the first 3 or 4 sessions, we evaluate their couple’s issues, take a history, and look at their strengths and weaknesses as a couple. I then recommend a treatment plan.


Couples Counseling Consists of

•  Learning to rediscover the friendship as the basis of your marriage
•  Training and practice with good communication skills
•  Conflict resolution work
•  Anger management work, if necessary
•  Owning your own stuff so it doesn’t interfere with your relationship
•  Learning to recognize and respect each other’s vulnerabilities, hopes,
    and dreams


Treatment Methods

Couple’s counseling, as I do it, is very structured. I give homework assignments that are designed to rebuild the relationship and help couples work out issues. Among the treatment methods I use with couples are those of Harville Hendrix and John Gottman. If parenting issues are part of the mix, we can also work on that.

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