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Sandra Lessenden, MFT
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2940 Camino Diablo, Suite #300
Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Reasons for Seeking Therapy

People often come into therapy because their lives are not working or because they feel sad and anxious. They may feel overwhelmed by life. First we explore their life issues and any blocks to growth. Then, together, we come up with a plan for treatment.

Some typical issues i treat

•  Depression; Can be quite effectively treated now
•  Anxiety; Includes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Obsessive
    Compulsive Disorder
•  Eating Disorders or perfectionism about the body
•  Grief; People often need help and support with grief feelings
•  Addictions; People need to attend 12 Step meetings
•  Abuse and Verbal Abuse

Treatment Methods I use to Help People

•  Supportive psychotherapy focused on past and present

•  Hypnosis and deep relaxation training; Can be very effective with anxiety. Also
   useful with a wide array of other problems.

•  EMDR; (Rapid eye movement desensitization). This powerful new technique
    involves  accessing both sides of the brain, using eye movements, to help
    the brain process  upsetting memories. Can be wonderfully effective.

•  Cognitive Therapy; Can be very helpful in the treatment of depression

•  Ego State Therapy; a useful treatment method when the person has internal
    conflict about what to do

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