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Parent education is a fairly new field. In recent years, there has been an explosion of research and studies on child development and dilemmas of parenting, which have found their way into popular books on parenting skills.

Kaiser has led the way with research on temperament issues of childhood and Attention Deficit Disorder. The field of family therapy has been developing too, coming up with ideas on behavior modification, family structure, and parent-teen communication.

As a family therapist, my goal is to spread these ideas and concepts as widely as possible. I see it as one of the ways our culture heals itself – as each generation of parents improves on the practice of previous generations. To this end, I have written and distributed my Tips for Parents Brochures and have also done a great deal of public speaking.

Please check the various sections of this Parent Education webpage. The Speakers Service section describes some of the topics I present to community groups and schools.

The Parenting Brochures

This section provides copies of most of my Parenting Brochures for you to download. Please note that they print out sideways on the page, so they can be printed out and folded in thirds to create a handy size. Each brochure has 2 sides that need to be placed back-to-back before folding. (If you wish to order free color copies of my Parenting Brochures, you can contact me through this website).

The Parenting Articles

This section consists of expanded information that is formatted in such a way that the pages are easy to print. Topics of urgent interest to parents are covered: Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Eating Disorders, The Underachiever, Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety, and Divorce. You are welcome to print and use anything that is useful to you.

The Community Resources

This section of this webpage covers the resources available to parents in Contra Costa County, such as low-fee counseling centers, parent education classes in various locations, and other sources of community support. Again, please feel free to print this out and use it.

I am always happy to serve as a source of information and referrals for any parent who needs help. You can contact me by phone or e-mail. Look for a blog in the near future!


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