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Your Child's Termperament

Attention Deficit comes in several varieties and with an array of symptoms. How to recognize it and get effective treatment. How to cope with it at home and at school.

Drug & Alcohol Prevention for Parents

Drug/Alcohol experimentation is a significant part of adolescent subculture. How parents can regonize signs of use in their teens and pre-teens. What to do about it – family communication, limit setting, contracts. Bibliography included. 1 to 3 presentations, depending on need.

Setting Limits With Love Between Parent and Teen

Having trouble talking to your teen? How to contain your child's acting-out behavior in a lloving way. Bibliography included. 1 or 2 presentations.

Parent/Teen Communication I

Yes, they really are different than adults! An overview of normal adolescent development, with a discussion of the dynamic and changing relationship between teen and family as the teen grows up. Coping strategies for parents. 1 or 2 presentations.

Parent/Teen Communication II

How to talk to your child at levels that are age-appropriate. How to convey family values and encourage responsible decision-making. Bibliography included.

Attention Deficit Disorder

Temperament - those inborn personality traits – can be a big factor in the parent-child relationship. 20% of normal children are temperamentally "difficult." A look at the 9 characteristics of temperament, – distractibility, activity level, intensity level, negative persistence, irregularity, low sensory threshold, poor adaptability, withdrawal, negative mood – and how to deal with them as parents.

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