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Sandra Lessenden, MFT
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Thank you for visiting and for your interest in Healing the Psyche.

For 20 years I have working as a marriage and family therapist in Contra Costa County. I now have an office in Walnut Creek, near the border of Lafayette, right next to Highway 24.

We all live and work in relationship with others Human beings are infinitely complex and interesting. When difficulties arise in our lives, it can be very helpful to have the focused attention of a helpful, therapeutic person - a co-traveler in life’s travails. This is psychotherapy. As a psychotherapist, I have seen the benefits of focused, healing attention on relationships, both with my patients and in my personal life. Therapeutic attention can help you produce change in your life – step by step, or drop by drop – like water wearing away a stone. I believe in it wholeheartedly. People heal themselves, and they do so in relationship - in relationship with their loved ones and friends and in relationship with their counselor.

Some common issues I help patients with are

•  Depression: often using cognitive therapy
•  Anxiety: often using hypnosis and deep relaxation
•  Post Traumatic Stress: often using EMDR
•  Grief
•  Relationship issues and divorce
•  Anger management
•  Stress management

I am also very interested in family systems and how they function. My desire is to help families function in a more healthy way. There are many interventions a family therapist can use to help heal the relationships in families.

Some common methods I use to help families heal themselves are

•  Conflict resolution
•  Improved family communication skills
•  Parent education; focused on the child’s developmental needs
•  Couple’s communication
•  Behavior therapy; focused on the younger child
•  Play therapy; to help the younger child
•  Contracting; often between the teen and parents
•  Co-parenting; strengthen the relationship between the mother and father

As you know, choosing the right therapist is a very important decision. I hope to answer many of your questions on these pages. I would also be happy to talk with you in person or on the telephone, if you want to discuss your concerns or just get to know me a little bit. And of course, you can Email me at any time, and I will respond without delay.

Thank you again for visiting my website.


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